I sincerely welcome you on the renewed website of Marcali Industrial Park!

The Marcali Industrial Park has been established in 1997 with the aim to provide the best possible solutions to the investors, businesses and companies looking for sites in the South Transdanubian region, both in terms of value and of regional development alternatives. In addition, the mission of the Marcali Industrial Park is to contribute to the realization of job creation in the Marcali region.

Comparing with the more than 200 industrial parks in Hungary, the Marcali Industrial Park provides several added value to the businesses, which are the following:

- the members of the management have international experience in the fields of business development and operation, by which we can offer flexible, client-tailored schemes;
- the Marcali Industrial Park is a favorable loacation in terms of the available skilled labor force, since with the cooperation of the Marcali municipality it is easy and fast to satisfy the labor force needs of the customers;
- in the National Development Plan, the region of Marcali has been assigned to the title ’Logistics Center’. Under this program, the Marcali Industrial Park can offer special opportunities, enhanced by the railway line at the boundary and the new road development included in the National Development Plan;
- the Marcali Industrial Park is amongst the few industrial parks in Hungary which is located near one of the international public airports of Hungary (Hévíz-Balaton Airport, Sármellék).

The wonderful pictures shown on the website are used as samples from different international industrial parks to demonstrate the future status of the Marcali Industrial Park. We hope that we are going to build such buildings together.

We hope that the new website will help you answer all of your questions, but we are pleased to help you at the provided contact details as well.

Yours faithfully:

László Zsemberi