Range of Services

We try to match the needs of the existing and future investors with our services at Marcali Industrial Park. We consider it to be essential that we provide an operational background that makes the business activities of our current and potential partners more successful, therefore most of our services include free counselling or the full coordination from planning to execution of certain projects for a fee. We provide the following services for our partners:

Preparation phase:

  • Helping with and providing information regarding current planning, architectural and authorization processes;
  • Counselling regarding planning;
  • Providing help with planning the connecting of utilities and negotiations;
  • Counselling regarding architectural and other authorization processes as well as building permit processes;
  • Providing help with rental leasing constructions of purchased land.

Building phase:

  • Providing help with governmental regulations of building processes by co-owner city council,
  • In case of adequate contract terms the industrial park is prepared to manage and conduct the whole building investment.

Operating phase:

  • Providing help with the installation and authorization processes (depending on the function);
  • The maintenance, renewal and cleaning of roads, sidewalks and parking spaces, clearing the snow, renewing traffic signs, the operation and maintenance of the public lights is handled by the Marcali municipality;
  • Maintenance and pest control also applies to not yet sold areas. The high standards and quality of the listed services are partly guaranteed by the fact that the Marcali Industrial Park is owned 50% by the Marcali municipality. It can also be an assurance that the owners of the industrial park include professionals and businessmen with international experience that can translate certain business needs into practice, giving a professional solution to emerging problems and questions.

The summary presentation of Marcali Industrial Park can be downloaded here.