Real Estate Supply

Currently the Marcali Industrial Park has 82, 3 hectares of land available for sale, of which the largest interconnected area is 35,8 hectares. By clicking the button below you can see the statement of the Industrial Park and its available lands (download pdf). If you require more space plot, please do not hesitate to contact us because it is possible to involve those areas into development which are owned by the companies already settled in the Park.

Summary of the available lands for sale:

West area

South area

East area

15,3 hectares

35,8 hectares

33,75 hectares

The site plan is available here:
helyszinrajz marcali

The main construction criteria concerning the lands for sale are:
28. Other Industrial area (Gip)
28.§ (1) The other industrial area signed as „Gip” in the Regulatory Plan: in its construction area, industrial production, industrial services, warehouse construction, energy management and buildings of the settlement managament can be accommodated.
(2) Industrial buildings cannot be located with significant levels of disruptive, high-risk (eg. fire, explosion, hazardous infectious), smelly or noisy activities.
(3) At other industrial area, separate residential building cannot be located, but within the building for economic activity it is posibble to establish a flat for the staff.
(4) In the construction zone, the following parameters are true for the lands:

- Zone signal: 1. Gip1
- Method of installation: SZ
- Built-in coverage: 40%
- Maximum height of buildings: 15m
- Minimum plot size: 10.000 m2
- Minimum green area: 25 %

(5) New building can only be established on at least partially utilized construction site, based on the 19. § (11) paragraph.
(6) The minimum depth of the front, side and rear gardens is 15 m.
(7) In the construction areas, within the minimum percentage of green area, trees are to be planted.
(8) The technology buildings (chimneys, grain silo, etc.) deposited in the construction zone may exceed the maximum building height only if it is required in terms of the technology used.