About the region

In the following you can read the most important information about the region and district of Marcali.

  • Most of the registered ventures deal with agriculture, wildlife management, forestry and fish farming; however there is a significant presence of accommodation and hospitality services connected to the tourism in the region.
  • The city of Marcali has a dominant role in the districts economy and most of the industrial companies can be found here. The industrial production is mainly defined by machine, textile, wood, food and building industry. The changes in the economic structure also have an impact on the district, meaning the number of workers in agriculture is reduced but the number of workers dealing with services is increased.
  • The district is completely provided with electricity. There is no alternative energy source used in any settlement.
  • A natural gas network is built in the entire area of the district and the connection of houses is widely spread. Two third of the houses in the district use pipeline gas, which is below the county and the country average, however it still has a better position than Transdanubian region.
  • You can read further comparative economic data in the following study:
  • Marcali, according to the Conception of the Land Development of Somogy County, is having an emphasized place concerning the developments, the strategic spatial structure can be seen here (download pdf here).

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